Web design and deployment is like anything else in life. From a distance it looks horrifically complicated, but with experience it is actually pretty simple. Broken down into it’s component parts it becomes even easier. This page is a list of the most frequently asked questions related to web design. Hopefully, this will give you a general overview of what we do and how it can help your company get the best possible online experience.

According to the Office For National Statistics, 90% of population in the UK use the internet. That amounts to over 50,000,000 potential customers, able to view your company details at the touch of a button. In my opinion, every single company in the UK, regardless of size, should have at least a minimal web presence.
Your website is projecting your image, and by extension, projecting the quality of your work and integrity. First impressions are incredibly important where business is concerned. Your website is the first impression any potential customer will get from your business. For me, having an old and out of date website is the equivalent of going to meet an important client in tatty old shoes and ripped jeans.
A common question and a common misconception. A website can showcase your entire collection of products and services, potentially, to the entire world. Updates can be made quickly and efficiently, emails can be triggered to your entire customer base and your company has a base location where your customers can interact with you at the push of a button. Your company does not need to be computer related to enjoy the benefits a good clean website.
The fist step of the process is deciding what you want your website to achieve and the message you want to get across to your customers. On our site, you will need to fill out the introduction form found here. We will then contact you within 24 hours with a couple of templates to get the ball rolling. If you like what you see, a deposit is taken to guarantee the work and we aim to get your website finished within the agreed time frame. For basic sites, the lead time is generally 1-2 weeks. For more complex sites, you would need to give us a minimum of a month.
Yes. Once we have the name it can be requested through the domain registrar we use (123 Reg). If the domain is already taken, we will liaise with you directly to find an alternative that suits your company.
Absolutely. All sites we create are guaranteed 12 months free hosting via our UK based, sister hosting company. We recommend this method for the first year because our servers are fully optimised for the open source software we use. If you prefer to host your site elsewhere, that is fine too. The site and database will be exported giving you full control over your hosting options.
Yes. Your website will come with at least 1 email address. Larger, more complex options can get up to 5 email addresses. All emails are virus scanned at server level, which greatly reduces the chance of catching a computer virus.
Yes, data driven website applications are one of our specialities. This kind of project can either be fairly simple or incredibly complicated. In order to produce an effective solution we will often arrange a meeting to discuss the required workflow, we then quote the project and produce a written proposal covering all functionality required in the project and a timeline for completion. Once agreed and development has begun we will provide beta testing at various stages to ensure the project meets client approval.
Search Engine Optimisation is a science in itself. All of our websites are optimised to give easy access to web crawlers making your content search engine friendly. While we would never guarantee a number one listing, you can rest assured your website will have been given the best possible chance to reach a high ranking. We also integrate Google’s Webmaster Tools into the admin area to help you further.
Prices start from as little as £100.00 with free hosting for the first year. The price is obviously dependant on the complexity of the site you want, but you will know what you are paying, before the process starts. We believe in being upfront about our charges. You will not pay anything over the price you are quoted at the start of the build process.